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What is Crypto Gaming by Tim Enneking

Crypto Gaming

As cryptocurrencies become more popular, they are also getting included in other areas of our digital lives, such as gaming. According to Tim Enneking, crypto gaming is becoming increasingly common as more and more people want to start making money off their gaming sessions.

Tim Enneking Explains Crypto Gaming

Crypto gaming is when you play games that allows you to earn money through cryptocurrency or NFTs. These are also sometimes called P2E games – that is, play-to-earn games – and are definitely an attractive prospect. After all, who doesn’t want to get money for playing games?

With crypto gaming, you can earn through various in-game activities. For example, plenty of games have in-game assets that will belong to the player once they are bought. These assets can usually not be sold in traditional games – once you’ve bought an asset, it belongs to you. If you do sell it, it’s usually only for in-game currency that has no benefit in the real world.

Crypto gaming takes this concept and applies blockchain technology to it. The in-game asset is now an NFT – that is, a digital asset that is worth cryptocurrency. When you sell this asset forward, you sell it for cryptocurrency, which you can then trade for real world money. This way, Tim Enneking explains, you can make money through the assets you earn in games!

How Do You Earn Money Through Crypto Gaming By Tim Enneking

There are multiple ways to make money via crypto gaming, so you can pick whichever works best for you.

For example, some games encourage users to buy digital tokens early on so that as the game grows in popularity, the demand for these tokens rises. According to Tim Enneking, once you sell these tokens, you’ll make a profit since they will have appreciated in value. However, this business model does take some time.

Other crypto gaming business models, Tim Enneking explains, will use in-game advertising or sales for money. For example, within the game, you may have virtual land plots or empty signs that allow you to put up advertisements. This way, you’ll be able to make money by getting more people to come buy from you and thus make money.

Other games may allow you to buy and sale in-game items like you would buy and sell regular items in the real world, such as weapons or avatars. Because these in-game assets are usually made as NFTs, they cannot be replicated and thus, if someone wants to own a specific asset, their only choice would be to make a purchase.

Sometimes, crypto gaming will also allow you to make money through gambling. This works just the way gambling works in real life, with you putting your assets (in this case, in-game, digital assets) up as stakes, and playing casino games that can win you other people’s assets. Because these assets have a specific crypto value, you can then sell them forward and make money in the real world.